Board of Advisors

allisonAllison Lance, Founder and President
Allison hails from Los Angeles, CA. In her twenty-year career as an activist, Allison Lance has served in many different roles. She started off as a protester and grew to be a campaign leader. Allison worked as a senior staff member for 10 years at a Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and when not on campaign at sea, Allison worked as campaign director, major gifts officer and office manager for Sea Shepherd. Through her work with Sea Shepherd, Allison had the opportunity to visit the Galapagos Islands numerous times. Over the years, she began seeing packs of dogs where she once saw groups of iguanas basking in the sun. Allison began bringing street dogs and cats home with her from all ports she visited aboard a Sea Shepherd vessel. In 2008, she founded Galapagos Preservation Society to protect places like Galapagos.

Danielle Thompson

Danielle grew up in the Midwest on the shores of Lake Michigan.  In kindergarten she mounted a campaign to save the ants from being squashed and has since worked for human rights, promoted veganism,  informed people about cruel an toxic dolphin meat in Japan, campaigned for both farmed and wild animals an most recently helped to sterilize nearly 200 dogs and cats in the Galapagos Islands wit Animal Balance. She studied political science and philosophy at the University of Wisconsin and animal and environmental law at Lewis and Clark Law School. She is thrilled to join Galapagos Preservation Society and work to protect both wild native animals and dog and cats in fragile island eco-systems.


Tui De Roy


Board of Advisors – Ecuador:

Diego Barrera, D.V.M. Dr. Barrera is the director and resident veterinarian/surgeon for PAE-Amabto, as well as the director of Ambato’s Municipal Shelter, the first and only governmental facility for the humane control of dogs and cats in all of Ecuador. Dr. Barrera gained expertise in wildlife veterinary medicine by rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing wildlife, which he began doing in veterinary school. After graduation, Dr. Barrera continued to volunteer for wildlife rescue centers and in 2005 he moved to the Galapagos Islands, where he learned about the importance of controlling dog and cat populations through sterilization programs. Three years ago he started working with a group of people in Ambato who shared his goal of improving the lives of animals. Now as director of of the spay/neuter program in Amabato, Dr. Diego coordinates all the activities of PAE and the municipal shelter, including the rescue of neglected, abused, sick, and abandoned animals, rescue and treatment of wildlife, humane education, and public outreach.

Maria Navarro

Maria was born in Quito, Ecuador. She grew up very close to animals, taking care of horses, feeding chickens, playing with ducks and goats and dogs. Those memories touch her deeply. She has loved animals since she can remember. At 20, Maria spent two months in Cuba, living in La Habana National Park Zoo. She learned valuable things about wildlife, management of wild species, living conditions, animal behaviour and environmental education.

Maria can’t stand the thought of abused and neglected animals and she works everyday to change the situation of those animals. Whether writing papers, joining action teams, signing online petitions or even protesting in her own town.

Maria is a conservationist and an animal lover. Her goals are fighting against animal abuse and creating alternatives for the conservation of wildlife and biodiversity. She is happy to join GPS and work for the conservation and preservation of the Islands, through the humane removal of dogs and cats.