Wolfie Needs a Home!

I’ll have a complete campaign report ready for you soon, but in the meantime, take a look at Wolfie on GPS’s Petfinder page.

Quick Update from Santa Cruz, Galapagos

Its a rare moment when I have a reliable internet connection here on Santa Cruz Island in Galapagos. I have been here nearly a week and along with building a fence for 2 chained dogs, meeting with Park officials about the use of Compound 1080, researching the state of animals in the highlands, as well as the laws, and assisting Dr. Paco Zambrano of Darwin Animal Doctors, two days ago we found a sweet puppy tied up in an empty lot at the entrance to a new subdivision being built just on the edge of town. She has mange all over her scrawny body, a huge open sore on her hindquarters and is badly malnourished.  I untied her and brought her to Dr. Paco where he treated her and she is now starting to heal. I’ll take her off Santa Cruz and look for a home for her in Quito or the U.S. Please email me at danielle@gpsociety.org if you are interested in adopting her.  More to come!

Thank You Natural Balance!

Natural Balance graciously donated a huge box of cat and dog food samples to GPS a couple weeks ago.  We will be giving it out to families adopting animals from Galapagos and bringing a supply down to the islands next week to give out there. Thank you, Natural Balance!

T-Shirt to Benefit GPS!

Our generous friends at VeganThis are donating the proceeds from their Vengeance shirt to GPS!  Support VeganThis, GPS and animal liberation all in one shirt and for only $3!  Order one at VeganThis!

We are all really excited about our new t-shirts! The logo was designed by our old pal Josh Hooten at Herbivore Clothing Co. in Portland, OR and printed by our new friend Amets at Kayrock Screenprinting Inc. in Brooklyn, NY. We were humbled when at the last minute, Amets told us that she would like to donate not only the screen printing but the shirts themselves! Thank you Josh, Herbivore, Amets and Kayrock! Please visit their websites and support these businesses and people who give back to their community so generously. Also, order a shirt here!

Accept Donations

Fund raising is essential to non-profit organizations.  To help you with this, Foundation includes ways to help you gather donations.  The home page has an optional donations bar that you can use to help raise funds.  It allows you to give a call to action, a description of your campaign, goal, percentage raised graph and a donate button.  This donate button is tied to PayPal, allowing you to easily collect donations online with a free account.

There is also an included donation widget, so you can easily have a reminder to give in any sidebar you choose. It’s one more reason why the Foundation is a great theme for your non-profit.

MailChimp Integration

Why settle for a feedburner diagest of your recent posts, when you can use MailChimp to send REAL newsletters to your supporters? MailChimp is a fully featured, newsletter provider serving clients large and small from all around the world. They provide quality, easy to use templates for your campaign, quality tools to manage your subscribers and powerful resources to track your campaigns. If you desire automated mailing of your posts, they can even handle that too.

You might be asking, “How much does this cost?” That’s part of the great news. You can have a list of up to 1,000 subscribers and send up to 6,000 emails per month for free. If you need a list larger than that, they have many paid plans to choose from. They even give a discount to non-profits.

Other companies imitate, MailChimp innovates.

Support GPS Through 1% for the Planet

Great news! GPS is now a member of 1% for the Planet, a network of more than 1200 member companies giving 1% of their annual sales to environmental charities worldwide. As a member, we are eligible for that 1%. Ask your favorite businesses if they are a member, if so, you can ask that they support us! Learn more at their website or contact us for info!

We are also looking for a volunteer to contact 1% businesses and introduce GPS to them.  Contact danielle@gpsociety.org if you are interested in helping out.

Update on GPS Humane Education Program

Ecuador Program Advisor, Maria Navarro blogged about her recent trip to Galapagos to coordinate our humane education program there!

GPS’s Humane and Environmental Education Plan is coming to schools in Galapagos Islands!

Last weekend I traveled to Santa Cruz for five days. While I was there, I met with colleagues Francisco Hurtado, a teacher at Cazares School and Paco Zambrano, a veterinarian for Darwin Animal Doctors (DAD) who both collaborate on GPS work.

I stopped by DAD’s new veterinary clinic and Paco gave me tour.  It looks awesome! In just a couple months, GPS can start working with DAD to shelter dogs and cats on their way to new homes on the continent or beyond. It is very important because there is no place like it on the Islands.

During this trip to Santa Cruz I delivered humane education proposals to 20 different schools. At Tomas De Berlanga I met Sheila Roberts.  I knew her from the Colegio Menor High School in Quito but she is now the Head Director Tomas De Berlanga. The school works with Fundacion Scalesia, a foundation dedicated to environmental education.

Sheila and I spoke for at least an hour. She told me about their education plans and how they work with every class. Sheila is very interested in our education plan and we are now formalizing plans to work together. Two other schools also responded positively.

I am happy to lead this Educational Plan in the name of Galapagos Preservation Society! I can’t wait to meet with the whole team in the coming months to solidify our plans!

Kurt Halsey Painting to Benefit GPS!

The amazingly talented artist Kurt Halsey is auctioning off an original painting entitled “The ocean is a forest,” with 40% of the proceeds going to GPS and another 40% going to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

It is 32″ tall x 26″ wide in size, acrylic on canvas. It is 2 canvases that are hinged together on the back. Signed, titled, and dated on the reverse.

You can place a bid on the Ebay auction page.

Tell your friends!

GPS Mentioned in Current Issue of All Animals

Our friend Ketzel Levine, wrote a great piece in All Animals about her new calling helping animals. “From the get-go, I knew I wanted to work on ARCA’s behalf. I also wanted to work with the Galapagos Preservation Society, an animal rescue group active on Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands, where feral dogs and cats were threatening the islands’ one-of-a-kind species.”

Read the full story on The HSUS’S website here.