Dr. Larry Richman – Rest in Peace


Our dear friend, colleague and beloved board member Dr. Larry Richman passed away unexpectedly earlier this month. Our hearts are heavy as we remember the kindness, generosity, humor and wit Dr. Larry brought with him to every situation.

Danielle and I both met Dr. Larry on separate volunteer trips to the Galapagos Islands where he was fondly referred to as the “King of Spays” because he spayed and neutered so many dogs and cats in the Galapagos Islands, other places in Ecuador, Samoa, Dominican Republic and across Maryland where he lived and practiced.

Dr. Larry was instrumental is getting Galapagos Preservation Society off the ground. Not only was Dr. Larry a founding board member he was also our first and most generous donor to the organization. We are indebted to Dr. Larry for many rescues of strays and fences built for otherwise loose dogs in Galapagos.

He was a remarkable veterinarian, a movie buff who could quote all the classics at a drop of a hat, a world-traveler and a fabulous storyteller. Most of all Dr. Larry was one of the kindest men we will have the privilege of knowing and calling a friend. We will miss Larry dearly.

– Allison

Donate to GPS, just by shopping on Amazon!

Some of our supporters recently asked us to join the Amazon Smile program so they could donate to us just by shopping on Amazon. Well, I just set it up and its ready to go! Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

Its very easy. First, just visit Amazon through the special program link at Smile.Amazon.com

Then enter our name “Galapagos Preservation Society” into the search box on the lower right of the page.

Press “select” after you find us.

Begin shopping!

The shopping experience on Amazon Smile will be identical to the regular Amazon site – same prices, same selection – with the exception that eligible products will be marked as such. Nearly every physical product is eligible, the exceptions are mainly for electronic items like Kindle E-books.

Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase totals to GPS. Please shop through Smile.Amazon.com and make your purchases count toward money for conserving the Galapagos!


Welcome our New Board Member: Jono More


We are thrilled to welcome conservation biologist Jono More to our Board of Directors. Jono was born and raised in New Zealand. Below is a bit more about his prior work in Galapagos:

In 2012, Jono had the privilege of being able to spend 5 months in the Galapagos Islands working for the Charles Darwin Foundation, often in conjunction with the Galapagos National Park Service.Jono was lucky enough get to spend time on a number of islands and work on various species including land iguanas on Fernandina, mockingbirds on islets off Floreana, albatross on Espanola and mangrove finches on Isabela.The biggest project which Jono was involved with was the Galapagos hawk mitigation during the rat eradication on Isla Pinzon.  Here he had to help locate and catch hawks so that they could be kept in captivity in order to prevent them from getting secondary poisoning from eating poisoned rats.These experiences have meant that the Galapagos Islands are now very close to Jono’s heart and he has a strong desire to return and help with the many issues of which the Galapagos’ ecosystem faces.New Zealand and the Galapagos both share similar dilemmas in regards to mammalian invaders and therefore Jono believes that his knowledge and experience can be put to good use in helping to save the unique wildlife of the “enchanted islands”.