Dr. Larry Richman – Rest in Peace


Our dear friend, colleague and beloved board member Dr. Larry Richman passed away unexpectedly earlier this month. Our hearts are heavy as we remember the kindness, generosity, humor and wit Dr. Larry brought with him to every situation.

Danielle and I both met Dr. Larry on separate volunteer trips to the Galapagos Islands where he was fondly referred to as the “King of Spays” because he spayed and neutered so many dogs and cats in the Galapagos Islands, other places in Ecuador, Samoa, Dominican Republic and across Maryland where he lived and practiced.

Dr. Larry was instrumental is getting Galapagos Preservation Society off the ground. Not only was Dr. Larry a founding board member he was also our first and most generous donor to the organization. We are indebted to Dr. Larry for many rescues of strays and fences built for otherwise loose dogs in Galapagos.

He was a remarkable veterinarian, a movie buff who could quote all the classics at a drop of a hat, a world-traveler and a fabulous storyteller. Most of all Dr. Larry was one of the kindest men we will have the privilege of knowing and calling a friend. We will miss Larry dearly.

– Allison

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