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IMG_0756David Rand at The Sign Company here in Friday Harbor, made all of our signs for this campaign. One is posted on the new fence we made for Hugo and another is for the first bat house on the Galapagos Islands!

Tortuga, our rescue kitten was living in piles of wood at one of the local lumber yards on Santa Cruz. She is one of sweetest and friendliest kittens we have ever met. If she had survived the traffic on the busy corner, she would have probably had several litters of kittens. Although they would have been very cute, more cats and dogs is the last thing the islands need! She and her kittens would have devoured more than a few lava lizards and finches.

Now Tortuga rests safely with a full belly of kitty food in Friday Harbor Washington with Gabe, Melina and Sadie.


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