News from the Founder’s Desk

IMG_0288Our trips are always too short. What we need to do is plant ourselves in Galapagos for a good 3 months at a time. We could then make some real progress. When funding comes through we will do just that

We built a fence for Bruno Moreira Garcia, A sweet gent of a dog. He had been held by a very short rope for 8 years…now he walks and runs in his yard. He is free, but not free to roam the beaches in search of iguanas.
Our bat house project went up without too much stress. Our friend Hernan Rodas is the IMG_0736 proud recipient of the first ever bat house in Galapagos. The two bats that have been found are Hoary and Western Red. From the research that I did I found that they have been found in lava tunnels and though thought to be loners have been found roosting with other species. So we are giving it a try. A total experiment. Tony with Bat Bunker donated one beautiful bat house. A work of art, his homes are
I want to thank my dear friend Paco…without him our trip would have been much harder. It takes some finessing to get things done on the islands, especially since I don’t speak spanish and believe me, Paco is the man!
I contacted The Red Mangrove and talked to a woman by the name of Naomi West. I told her about GPS and she was sold. She pitched our organization to the owner Hernan Rodas and he too, was sold…he gave us our stay! A huge relief on our pocketbooks. We worked from sun up to sun down and came back to a beautiful room with a wonderful breakfast to get us going in the morning. We can’t thank you enough Hernan and Naomi. Their staff was so so helpful. Fernanda helped us locate the perfect location for our bat house.
More to come later this week! 

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