Allison Lance

Founder and President

Allison hails from Los Angeles, CA. In her twenty-year career as an activist, Allison Lance has served in many different roles. She started off as a protester and grew to be a campaign leader. Allison worked as a senior staff member for 10 years at a Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and when not on campaign at sea, Allison worked as campaign director, major gifts officer and office manager for Sea Shepherd. Through her work with Sea Shepherd, Allison had the opportunity to visit the Galapagos Islands numerous times. Over the years, she began seeing packs of dogs where she once saw groups of iguanas basking in the sun. Allison began bringing street dogs and cats home with her from all ports she visited aboard a Sea Shepherd vessel. In 2008, she founded Galapagos Preservation Society to protect places like Galapagos.