Wolfie’s Journey, Part II

Wolfie, or Trudy departed Ecuador this morning and is on her way to Seattle. Here is what advisory board member Maria Navarro had to say about picking her up in Ambato and delivering her to the airport in Quito:

Everything went just fine. I picked up Wolfie at 3 p.m. There was this woman who knew I was coming and she helped me with Wolfie. She handed me the certificates and the big kennel. We had a little trouble trying to fit it inside the car, its huge! So I took Wolfie and headed back to Quito. She is a sweet girl! She is very good in the car and not agrressive at all with other dogs. When we arrived in Quito and in my house, she was very happy and smelling everything all around. She loves to play but I can see she is a little scared when you want to pet her in the head or neck…She is really scared about wearing a collar! I put her my dog´s collar and man…it took quite some time and effort to get her to use it. Once she had it on, she was totally fine. One recommendation would be to not try take her collar off until she associates wearing it with something good (like taking her out for a walk).

She is also very good at walking! Very well behaved…a little runaway sometimes! Its like she doesnt know she belongs to a place now..like I suppose happens with many strayed or abandoned dogs. But she follows very well and she loves walking. This morning my mom walked her. They went out to the park and walked at least for an hour!

She also likes to eat toilet paper so we will need to stop her from that bad habit. And she also needs to be trained to not eat from tables or countertops! She ate a few things from the kitchen, poor baby, she is probably still afraid of not having enough food.

I know Wolfie will be taken out in Houston for a walk. They have a specific area and personnel which is only for pets!  Pets there will drink and eat. I gave them a small package of food and a bottle of water.

You will see that Wolfie is a beautiful dog! Her fur is so pretty and soft and shiny. She is very loving! She loves to give kisses and play and jump. She will be an excellent companion for a  family with kids and other dogs! It is hard to believe a loving dog like Wolfie was once abused and neglected. I’m so happy for her to find soon a loving home.


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