Raised: 0.00$

Goal: 250,000.00$

Water for All: Clean Water Access Initiative

As part of Global Petroleum Society's commitment to serving communities, this program aims to address the critical issue of clean...

Raised: 9,999.00$

Goal: 200,000.00$

Sustainable Earth Initiative: Environmental Conservation Program

This comprehensive program by Global Petroleum Society focuses on engaging in projects aimed at environmental conservation, including reforestation, waste management,...

Raised: 35,624.00$

Goal: 300,000.00$

Healthy Communities: Health and Sanitation Program

This comprehensive program by Global Petroleum Society focuses on supporting health initiatives, facilitating healthcare access, promoting hygiene and sanitation practices,...

Raised: 9,469.00$

Goal: 200,000.00$

Power for All: Renewable Energy Initiative

This comprehensive program focuses on investing in and promoting renewable energy sources, including solar, wind, and hydroelectric power, in underprivileged...

Raised: 3,590.00$

Goal: 150,000.00$

Empowerment Through Education and Skills Program

Global Petroleum Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing humanitarian services and fostering sustainable development. This comprehensive program focuses on...



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