Geostatistical Reservoir Modeling for Improved Resource..

Geostatistical Reservoir Modeling for Improved Resource Assessment is an online professional course designed to equip...
59.00$ 103.00$

Reservoir Surveillance and Monitoring

Welcome to the online professional course on Reservoir Surveillance and Monitoring. In this course you...
43.00$ 76.00$

Natural Gas Storage and Underground Reservoir..

Welcome to the Natural Gas Storage and Underground Reservoir Management course. This comprehensive online course...
54.00$ 104.00$

Deepwater Drilling: Techniques and Challenges

This online course will provide a comprehensive understanding of deepwater drilling techniques and the unique...

Well Testing and Flow Assurance in..

The "Well Testing and Flow Assurance in Petroleum Production" course is designed to provide professionals...
35.00$ 130.00$

Digital Transformation in the Oil and..

Digital transformation is revolutionizing every industry including the oil and gas sector. In this online...


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