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An organization founded by a group of dedicated petroleum engineers working together to foster professionalism in the oil and gas industry, offering a range of services and initiatives to enhance knowledge, provide opportunities, and contribute to humanitarian causes.

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We believe in the power of collaboration. Working together we can combine our strengths and resources to achieve remarkable results.

Companies in the oil and gas industry can partner with Global Petroleum Society in various ways. We offer sponsorship opportunities for events and initiatives, collaboration on training programs, and the chance to promote job opportunities to our members. For more information on partnership options, please contact us directly.

The selection process for scholarships is based on a combination of criteria such as academic performance, financial need, leadership potential, and a demonstrated passion for the industry. Each scholarship opportunity has its specific requirements and evaluation process, which is outlined in the application guidelines.

While our focus is on petroleum engineering and related fields, we welcome individuals from other disciplines who have a keen interest in the industry. Non-petroleum engineers can benefit from our training courses, access to industry news, and networking opportunities.

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