28.00$ 57.00$

Reservoir Management and Field Development Strategies

This online professional course provides comprehensive training on reservoir management and field development strategies. Participants...
37.00$ 75.00$

Well Testing and Pressure Transient Analysis

In this online course on Well Testing and Pressure Transient Analysis, you will gain comprehensive...
54.00$ 102.00$

Reservoir Geomechanics: Analyzing Rock Deformation and..

Reservoir Geomechanics is a critical field that focuses on understanding the behavior of subsurface rock...
67.00$ 129.00$

Reservoir Fluid Properties and Phase Behavior

The Reservoir Fluid Properties and Phase Behavior course is designed to provide participants with a...
67.00$ 223.00$

Data Analytics in Reservoir Engineering

The course "Data Analytics in Reservoir Engineering" is designed to equip professionals in the field...
59.00$ 103.00$

Reservoir Surveillance and Monitoring

Welcome to the online professional course on Reservoir Surveillance and Monitoring. In this course you...


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