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Experienced industry professionals with deep knowledge of the oil and gas sector.

3D Seismic Interpretation and Visualization in..

The "3D Seismic Interpretation and Visualization in Petroleum Exploration" course is designed to equip participants...

Sustainable Refining: Innovations and Practices

The Sustainable Refining course offers a comprehensive exploration of the latest trends, methods and innovations...
54.00$ 110.00$

Project Management for Oil and Gas..

The "Project Management for Oil and Gas Professionals" course offers in-depth training on project management...

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in..

The online professional course on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Production Optimization is designed...
35.00$ 67.00$

Managed Pressure Drilling: Concepts and Applications..

Welcome to the online course on Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD): Concepts and Applications in Drilling...
65.00$ 119.00$

Natural Gas Well Testing and Production..

The Natural Gas Well Testing and Production Optimization course is designed to provide participants with...


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