Global Petroleum Society

Oil and Gas professionals
Experienced industry professionals with deep knowledge of the oil and gas sector.
27.00$ 52.00$

Unlocking the Potential of Data Analytics..

In today's data-driven world, the ability to leverage data analytics is becoming increasingly crucial in...

Unconventional Oil and Gas Production Techniques

The Unconventional Oil and Gas Production Techniques course is designed to provide students with a...
21.00$ 108.00$

Digital Drilling: Marrying Technology and Operations

Digital drilling is revolutionizing the oil and gas industry by integrating advanced technologies into drilling...
15.00$ 35.00$

Natural Gas Processing and Treating Technologies

Natural gas processing and treating technologies are crucial in the energy industry for ensuring the...
37.00$ 75.00$

Well Testing and Pressure Transient Analysis

In this online course on Well Testing and Pressure Transient Analysis, you will gain comprehensive...

Reservoir Characterization and Modeling: Integrating Geology..

Reservoir characterization and modeling play a crucial role in the oil and gas industry. This...


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